How to Prevent Pests from Invading Your Pantry

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Do not let your holidays be ruined by pantry pests! Flies, moths, and ants may get into your kitchen and transform it into nothing less than a nightmare. These pests can infest your cupboards and pantry, thereby contaminating all your food. Food contamination is a major health risk so you have to do everything to ensure that your home is pest-free.

Nothing destroys your day more than finding your cupboard full of pantry pests. Here are some tips to help you in keeping such a thing from happening to you. If none of these tips work, then you’ll need pest control services Irving. These professionals are going to help you greatly in keeping your home safe from dreaded pest infestations.

1. Use proper storage containers.

The proper storage of sweets, snacks, and cooking products can come a long way. Prevent pantry infestation by investing in closed plastic and glass containers with strong seals. Maintain order in your pantry so you can keep out pests away. An orderly pantry accounts to an orderly kitchen, which are essential in keeping your home pest-free.

2. Shop smartly.

Pantry pests find their way into your home through infested products you accidentally brought into your house. When shopping in groceries, check all products. Make sure that the items you buy don’t have any damage. Check all boxes, bags, and containers as well. Even one pest finding its way to your home could be the start of your nightmares.

3. Check all expiration dates.

Before using or consuming anything, verify the expiration dates first, especially for baking products. Sort old items in your pantry and throw away anything that is way past the expiry date. High are the chances that they are pest infested. Ingesting or using expired food items is going to be detrimental to your health.

4. Use the bay leaf trick.

Bay leaf can be a good pest control solution. Add it to your canisters, particularly the packages of rice, flour, and grains. The pungent scent of this herb repels a lot of pantry pests. Try it and be amazed by the results. There are many other herbs and spices in your counter that you can possibly use to ward away pests. But you can always start with the bay leaf trick.

5. Keep the entire area clean.

Immediately wash off any crumb or spill from the countertop, cabinet, floor, rack, and all other surfaces. Dispose of all extra water as many pests thrive in moisture as well. Keeping your entire kitchen clean keeps pests away from as they can find no food or water to feed on. Without nourishment, pets are forced to find someplace else to find them.

These are just some of the tips that you can follow to ensure that your pantry is pest-free. Be sure to extend these practices in your entire kitchen and eventually, to the rest of your home. Keeping your home pest-free is generally easy if you know how pests behave. Again, the help of professionals is going to lead to the most desired results.

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