How to Know if the Tree is Dangerous

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It seems to be that trees are one of the safest and harmless living creatures ever lied in this world. Even though this might be true in several occasions, it is still very possible that they can also be dangerous and cause injury to anyone or damage to neighboring properties. As a matter of fact, it can sometimes be a cause of someone’s death. It might be because of simple negligence on the owner’s part or a force of nature strikes the tree itself. Everyone wants their trees to be their friends and not their enemies, therefore, before they can cause harm or damage, it’s best to determine if they’re still safe in your property or they can cause unwanted accidents to the place where they stand. 

No matter how a tree may seem to be healthy, it is still very important to know that they can also be susceptible to damage caused by intense rainfall, ice storms, strong winds and some other natural disasters. Aside from that, you should also make sure that you check your trees every season in order to secure its health. The following are a few tips on how to know if your tree is a dangerous one: 

1. Assess the Overall Health of Your Tree 

When assessing your tree, you should begin by positioning yourself in the area where you can view the whole tree. Make sure that you will be able to answer all these questions such as: Do the leaves of your tree drops prematurely? Are there obvious dead tree branches hanging from it? Is your tree leaning to one direction? If you answered all these questions with a yes, then it’s perfect to call a professional and highly experienced tree care service provider and allow them to inspect your tree for any possible danger and also, they’ll be able to suggest the best solution to your current issue. 

2. Trunk Inspection 

If you see something isn’t right at all, you may take some time to assess the trunk of your trees. Presence of cavities and cracks in the trunk of your tree simply means that it can collapse at any given time. Always remember to take note of where these cracks are found. If there are certain parts of the bark that fall off from the trunk, then it may possibly be an indication of a dead segment or a fungus infestation. 

3. Ground Inspection 

After the overall assessment and inspection of your tree’s physical state, you must also consider the ground where it is planted. In addition to that, you also need to look for the roots of your trees and ensure that they are in great shape. There are actually two kinds of tree roots: the absorbing roots and the anchoring roots. Anchoring roots are usually visible since they’re the ones that give support to the tree’s structural integrity. Absorbing roots, on the other hand, are the ones responsible for the absorption of water from the ground. For more information about how to spot a dangerous tree, contact a reliable tree trimming Bellevue service provider. 

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Factors to Consider When Hiring a Tree Care Company 

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We are now in the age of high technology where you can almost find everything online, including the tips on how to care for your trees and also, reviews about tree care companies. You want to ensure that you only hire the most reputable and the best tree care company in your place. All of these are possible because of the internet where you are just one click away to knowing all those things. However, if you do not want to utilize online reviews and feedbacks, you can always ask your neighbors, family members and friends who have their trees removed or maintained not so long ago. 


In addition to that, you should make sure that the tree care service provider has enough experience in the field of tree work. Just because they’re excellent at removing trees does not necessarily mean that they can prune trees correctly as well. As a matter of fact, these two separate services are different, therefore, you should always make sure that you hire the right tree care service provider such as Bellevue tree care that perfectly fits your case. 

What kind of tools does the tree care company use? 

Climbing a tree with a safety harness or using an aerial lift are the most common methods to work with a tree. These two ways differ from each other for some good reasons and definitely, the other one is more favored over the other in most situations. 

Climbing Arborists 

There’s no need for heavy tools when the professional arborist uses the method of climbing. The climbing arborist procedure is commonly used in yards with small areas where access is a lot tougher. Climbing trees can also be a chance for the service provider to examine the tree more thoroughly since he can get a closer view of the whole tree itself. having said that, shaping the tree can be performed more efficiently with the use of the climbing arborist method. 

Aerial Lifts 

The best procedure to use when a tree has a compromised structural integrity is using the aerial lift method. You do not actually need to rely your safety on the tree which reduces the risk of injuring or compromising the climber’s safety. The aerial lift method is ideal for tree removal services with easy access as well as those areas near the road. The only disadvantage with using an aerial lift method is that it can basically be a lot more challenging to maneuver it if the tree has a huge crown. Certain pruning methods can also be tough to perform with aerial lifts. 


With the use of a ladder is actually the least preferred method to use for tree access due to the hazard it brings. Ladders must only be used on small trees. This kind of method is not so popular among professionals, so you need to be vigilant of those service providers who use this method. Aside from that, the use of ladders can increase the risk of injuring or worse, endangering the life of the climber. 


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